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RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Seat

Welcome to the future of carbon fibre wheelchair seating

Providing you with the tools to help you improve performance is something we are extremely passionate about and always strive to achieve, which is why we‘ve developed the elite CX basketball wheelchair with a new carbon fibre seating system.
The elite CX has a very specific seating system to help maximise the connection you have with your wheelchair. Having this connection is crucial because energy can be lost in a chair frame when it doesn’t support you correctly, affecting performance. The elite CX shapes around the contours of your body which improves comfort and in turn improves responsiveness, providing a more even distribution of energy.

RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Seat Energy distribution


Unlike standard seats that usually adopt a box shape with straight sideguards attached to a square seat plate, the elite CX has a curved design shaped around the contours of your body to ensure maximum connection, even energy distribution and comfort.

If you’re better connected to the seat, any movement you make with your upper body is transferred into the chair as a whole, so if you turn to the left or the right, the chair will move with you.

When a player sits in a standard sports seat, there are prominent gaps between the four corners of the seat and the player’s body which is where energy can be lost (see image 1). This loss of energy can impact the responsiveness of a chair. 
The elite CX is shaped around the contours of the body to help reduce the amount of energy lost, compared to standard sports seats. This is achieved by eliminating, as much as possible, the gaps that are usually seen between the four corners of a square seat and the player’s body (see image 2).

RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Seat Energy distribution

Having a seat that fits snug around the body evens out energy distribution and makes the chair more comfortable which in turn improves responsiveness and can also improve performance.

The elite CX is made by hand to fit you perfectly and comes with adjustable features in the seat base and backrest to provide flexibility for optimum comfort.


The carbon fibre seat is shaped to fit your individual measurements and preferences including seat length, backrest height and side height.

The backrest is on a pivot which can be adjusted forwards or backwards (+/- 5-10 degrees as standard) to suit your needs.  

You can also choose from a range of seat widths which come in increments of 25mm.  

The upholstery provides a modular foam layout which is also shaped around your body and can be easily adjusted if required. It also has a one-piece cover with a waterproof base and Airtech sides to let skin breathe.

RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Adjustable Seat
RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Adjustable Seat

The seat base can be adjusted +/- 10mm in all directions and can either be lowered or raised using spacers which are fitted onto the chair frame underneath the seat.

Regardless of body shape and size, we understand that your game play is individual to you so we make sure that your seat accommodates all your specific requirements that you may have.

RGK Elite CX Premium Basketball Wheelchair Carbon Fibre Seat

Elite CX Technical Specifications

  • Moulded carbon fibre seating system
  • Separate seat and backrest moulds
  • Four core mould  widths – 330, 355, 380, 405mm
  • Individual front taper design
  • Individual backrest
  • Suitable for all classifications

Key Features

  • Two piece construction for optimal fit and performance
  • Improved fit and connection maximise response and performance
  • Airtech and neoprene cover with cushion foam inserts for effective support and heat dissipation
  • Integrated Pelvi-Loc strapping
  • Clamp mounting onto new design Elite frame allows  fine tune adjustments and easy removal for transport
  • Athlete and equipment in perfect harmony
Upgrade options are available for sideguards, cushions, rear wheels, strapping and embroidery. Speak with one of our mobility advisors for the full range.

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