Kids are the future. We have a great selection of products to help your child, including wheelchairs that are simple, functional, durable and perfectly tailored to the individual. We offer crash tested wheelchairs and powerful add-ons that will allow your child to become much more independent.

Made to measure paediatric wheelchair
Enthusiasm and staying active starts at a young age. TIGA Junior is specifically designed to your child’s individual measurements and provides the opportunity for a great start to life. It can be personalised through a choice of hip colours and embroidery. The intelligent growth system provides maximum flexibility and adjustability to grow with your child.

Crash-tested version of the made to measure paediatric wheelchair
The TIGA Junior is also available in a crashed tested form, ensuring that your child is able to ride on transport safely, making attending school and getting out and about a breeze.

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A team above all, Above all a team Ready to play?
Feeling inspired to take up a wheelchair sport but don’t want to make a major commitment just yet? Club Sport is the chair for you! An entry level sports chair that is economical and ready to go when you are. Customisable with your own embroidery or logo and compatible with any court sport. Its range of sizes and adjustments also make it ideal for sport clubs and schools.

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