Standard or configurable wheelchairs serve an important purpose, particularly supporting users in their initial stages of rehabilitation, however when the user wants to become more active and independent, they can find this type of wheelchair can limit them.

Configurable wheelchair sizes can be limiting as they do not fit everyone individually. It’s been estimated that 80-90% of wheelchair users do not fit properly in their current wheelchair.*1

Poor fitting wheelchairs can force the pelvis and spine into positions which create poor posture and if maintained over time could cause severe health problems including: fatigue, pain, infections, tissue breakdown, respiratory problems and persistent injuries.

Some wheelchairs can be basic in design and have limited options. This can restrict the ability to become more active and may not meet the user’s individual requirements.

Being uncomfortable reduces confidence and increases the risk of health problems and pain which 59%*2 of people with spinal cord injuries are reported to have.

Not all wheelchairs are optimised to provide the most light and efficient solution. They can be large in size, use low cost materials and have a modular design which adds weight to the chair so more energy is needed to push, manoeuvre and lift.

A heavy wheelchair can limit its performance and make it difficult to use, particularly if the biomechanics are not optimised. More energy is needed to propel and manoeuvre which increases fatigue and puts more stress and strain on the upper body.

*1 Nurse Linda - Dana & Christopher Reeve Foundation, Apr 13, 2015 
*2 Pentland WE, Twomey LT. 1991; 29:521-530
It’s estimated that 
80-90% of wheelchair users do not fit
properly in their current
wheelchair *1


RGK believes every person is unique and therefore, every wheelchair should be unique too. This is why every wheelchair RGK designs and builds is made to the individual measurements of the user. RGK respects individuality and believes in maximising everyone’s potential. An RGK made to measure wheelchair fits the user perfectly and supports every individual requirement.

Over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user and the wheelchair, so that it can be designed and built to fit their individual requirements.

Sitting in the correct position can significantly reduce the risks of developing pressure related issues in the short and long term. Good health helps promote a more active lifestyle which in turn can positively impact a user’s wellbeing.

Alongside many functional options, a wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance and posture.

Feeling comfortable increases confidence which helps the user achieve an active lifestyle. The likelihood of developing prolonged discomfort, pain and persistent injuries are significantly reduced.

The lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements, the highest quality materials and a rigid frame design.

The user and wheelchair work in complete unison. This reduces the amount of energy needed to propel and in turn increases the wheelchair’s efficiency to maximise the user’s abilities.

View our "Why Choose a Made to Measure Wheelchair" brochures to:

- discover what "made to measure" consists of
- understand the problem with poorly fitting wheelchairs
- learn why they're so important to have to maintain a healthy lifestyle
- see a real life comparison of a poorly fitting and well-fitting wheelchair
- become aware of the "clinical practice guidelines" that advise health care professionals on best practice wheelchair fitting
- identify the seven most important key considerations when measuring up a wheelchair
- meet our advisors who do all the above for you as part of the RGK service

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For the last 30 years, we have manufactured sport & daily made to measure wheelchairs. Every chair is unique to suit the requirements & individuality of its user. The highest quality materials are used to offer the lightest chairs on the market. Our team of mobility advisors can take you through the assessment process to create your perfect chair.

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